Ttuckbaegi Gyeran-jjim (뚝배기 계란찜): Steamed Egg in Hotpot


[Ttuckbaegi: Korean earthenware pot, Gyeran: egg, Jjim: steamed]

A soft and fluffy gyeran-jjim (계란찜) is a yummy side dish that both children and adults love. Despite the simplicity of the dish, gyeran-jjim is often the crowd’s favorite when cooked well.

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Myulchi Yuksoo (멸치육수): Dried Anchovy Broth

[myulchi: dried anchovy, Yuksoo: broth]

Myulchi (멸치, dried anchovy) broth is the most frequently used broth in Korean cooking. It is used in soups, stews and even in variety of banchans (반찬, small side dishes). Myulchi broth is similar to chicken broth in Korean cooking. Continue reading